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‘I wouldn’t have said’ Boris Johnson’s false Savile smear as key members of PM’s staff leave

Chancellor says he is glad PM ‘clarified’ his comments but Boris Johnson’s policy chief quits before the director of communications also leaves the role.

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Sunak: 'I wouldn't have said' PM's false Jimmy Savile smear

Sunak is asked to respond to the breaking news we have brought you this afternoon about Boris Johnson’s policy chief Munira Mirza resigning over the prime minister’s attempt to smear Keir Starmer in the House of Commons. Johnson made a false accusation that Starmer had failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile during his time running the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

“With regard to the comments, being honest, I wouldn’t have said it and I’m glad that the prime minister clarified what he meant,” Sunak says.

He also paid tribute to Mirza and said he will miss working with her.

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